Reiki: The Power of Simplicity

By Elizabeth Valsala

Reiki is a simple Japanese folk art that anyone can practice. The natural ability to heal with Reiki is empowered by a Reiki Master in a series of four energy-activating procedures known as initiations or attunements. Reiki initiation supports you to in accessing and transmitting healing energy through your hands. This subtle, loving energy flows through you, relieving stress, fatigue and pain, balancing and revitalizing body, mind, and spirit. As a Reiki practitioner you do not use your personal energy, but Universal Life Force energy flows through your touch, or in Second Degree Reiki, through absentee healing as well as touch. Reiki Master is the third and final level of Reiki; being initiated to that level gives one the ability to teach and initiate others.

I am frequently asked how I came to Reiki and being a Reiki Master. I am deeply grateful to Landmark Worldwide for providing the Self discovery which paved the way for me. Fresh out of my first Landmark course, I went to the University of New Mexico and earned a B. A. in Psychology. I wanted to be able to assist ordinary people dealing with the stress and trauma of everyday life. It was almost four years later that I found Reiki.

Less than three years after beginning Reiki training, I awoke one morning to a voice telling me, “you need to be doing Reiki full-time.” I set out to discover how to make Reiki my sole (and “soul”) work. In April, 1991, I took a Landmark course in which each participant creates a “designer” life and begins living a life they love. For me, that meant becoming a Reiki Master and that every aspect of my life would be appropriate to being a Reiki Master.

Since that time, I have simply lived Reiki and allowed Reiki to teach me. I have trained hundreds of practitioners in traditional Reiki. I like keeping the training simple, teaching only Reiki and only in small classes. This is my Reiki path, who I am. I just want to share it with you.