What is Reiki?

Reiki Practitioner Performing TherapyConvenient to use; a safe and simple practice of non-invasive gentle touch.

A built-in First Aid Kit and preventative self-care–absolutely economical and portable.

An adjunct to increase the effectiveness of other therapy.

A tool to accelerate healing on all levels: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.

A practice for personal use, expanding your capacity for peace, love, and joy, empowering your personal development.

Compatible with all religions; free of dogma.

Ongoing access to the life-force energy, assisting the body/mind in self-healing functions.

Balancing, relaxing, revitalizing; giving you a fresh start on your day. A ready source of relief from stress, fatigue and pain.

Uniquely different with each use; the recipient absorbs the Reiki energy according to need.

Easy to learn. More than a technique, Reiki is a healing art: you continue to learn by practicing it.

An endless supply of healing energy that can be used as needed.

Results of Reiki include:

Relief from insomnia

Restored vitality, optimism, clarity and creativity

Accelerated healing after injury, illness, surgery or trauma

Feeling more balanced, tranquil and whole