Daily Practice

Reiki Self CareStudents who complete the First Degree Reiki training are expected to practice a hands-on self-treatment daily for the rest of their life. This daily practice, which can take about 40 minutes, is usually done in bed. Many people do it first thing in the morning, prior to getting up for the day. Others do it when they get into bed at the end of their day.

As no two treatments are alike, the self-treatment experience may vary from day to day—or even from morning to night. Results may not be obvious until much later. Some results that could be more obvious are relief of stress, fatigue, pain or insomnia, or calming of the body, mind and emotions.

The self-treatment consists of placing one’s hands in a sequence of positions on the head, upper chest and abdomen, and additional positions where healing is desired, as time permits.

One desired result of Reiki treatment is the clearing of the mind. With the clearing of the mind, there comes a calming of the mind. With those results comes the possibility of resting in the natural stillness of the mind.