Reiki for Everyone

Reiki Practitioner Performing Therapy on BabyThere are several styles of Reiki and many Reiki Masters; students tend to find the right teachers for them. Reiki training can be appropriate for people of all walks of life. Classes may include a blend of individuals, such as:

  • Healthcare professionals
  • Natural healers
  • Disenchanted medical consumers
  • Individuals needing more than “traditional” treatment
  • Family and friends of people or animals needing Reiki
  • Those seeking accelerated personal or spiritual growth
  • Professionals who will use Reiki at work and at home
  • People wanting tranquility; ongoing relief from stress
  • Family of the terminally ill or incurably ill
  • Those wanting a career in natural healing
  • Outdoor folks wanting a built-in First Aid kit
  • Individuals who live independent of “the system”
  • People who always enjoy expanding their horizons

These people come from every possible spiritual background and orientation, from Fundamentalist Protestant to New Age Metaphysician, from Jewish to Atheist, from devout Catholic to devotees of Eastern philosophies, from Native American to never-thought-about-it.

Reiki can be practiced simply and easily in everyday life. It needs nothing added to it to “improve” it or “add power” to it. It is a discrete application of touch. It is said, “Just place your hands where needed, and healing energy flows through them.”

Reiki is a practical, cost-saving healing tool. Everyone who wants to can learn Reiki.