Reiki Treatments

“After Elizabeth’s treatments, I experienced renewed hope after months of deep depression due to grief. I now wake up rested and motivated.” 


During a Reiki treatment, you are fully clothed. Your practitioner’s hands rest for several minutes at designated positions on your head, upper chest, abdomen and back, and also specific areas in need.

As you relax, the subtle Reiki energy flows, releasing stress, fatigue and pain. This gentle contact connects you with your healing source. It can restore vitality, optimism and clarity, accelerate any healing in progress, and may impart a sense of peace and being gently cared for. Reiki is vital life force energy, the fuel your body/mind/spirit uses to heal itself.

Reiki empowers your authentic self and facilitates your body’s own natural healing process. It is uniquely different with each use, as the recipient absorbs the Reiki energy according to need. Reiki usually “feels good” and can help you feel much better as you heal. Most people sleep better after a Reiki treatment.

It is not necessary to believe that Reiki will work for it to be successful. Reiki heals the whole person—in body, mind and spirit.

You can receive Reiki as a distance (absentee, remote) treatment.

Each country and each state create their own laws regulating the practice of Reiki.

In New Mexico, the practice of Reiki is governed by the “Unlicensed Health Care Practice Act,” House Bill 664.

The New Mexico “Unlicensed Health Care Practice Act” is designed to:

  • Protect people’s access to traditional, cultural, complementary and alternative health care therapies.
  • Protect the practitioner’s right to practice traditional, cultural, complementary and alternative health care therapies.
  • New Mexico is the 7th State to successfully introduce legal rights to unlicensed health care practitioners.
  • The "Unlicensed Health Care Practice Act" statute is constructed in a way which allows traditional and alternative unlicensed practitioners in New Mexico to legally practice their healing traditions, as long as they stay within certain guidelines. You can find more detailed information on the New Mexico Complementary and Alternative Medicine Project website as well as the legislation itself. I (Elizabeth) encourage you to read it –