“After Elizabeth’s treatments, I experienced renewed hope after months of deep depression due to grief. I now wake up rested and motivated.”


“Elizabeth’s knowledge in the field is outstanding, and she has a tremendous amount of experience. Her ability to relate to us as students, even with our diverse backgrounds, was great.”

C. L. Fox

“With Reiki treatments with Elizabeth, I instantly began sleeping better, and I’m also able to sleep less because I’m sleeping deeper each night. I’m also dreaming again. Finally, I am able to handle stressful days and situations with much more ease.

Rachel Heisler

“My Reiki treatment from Elizabeth was truly amazing. Healing occurred for me in a way I couldn’t have possibly imagined. Now I’m wide open to unimaginable levels of healing and transformation. I am deeply grateful to Elizabeth for opening up this world of Reiki to me. She is a highly gifted teacher, as well as a powerful conduit for the universal love that is Reiki.”

Mike Nelson

“I’d been having a lot of pain in my knees and wrists, and that’s been greatly relieved since you worked on me.”

Anne Marie Matherne

“I really enjoyed (this) class…I almost felt like time slowed down…but went fast. I feel like I have been away on a vacation…was a good vacation!”

Sandra M

“During a time of grief and uncertainty, Reiki cleared my mind and helped me heal my spirit. Elizabeth Valsala’s treatments were empowering and uplifting. Repressed feelings such as terror, anger and worry were acknowledged and turned into feelings of acceptance and peace. I am now able to face the future with a clear mind and optimism. I feel stronger, more at peace, and am able to deal with life’s challenges and uncertainties.”

Maria Brown

“Reviewing Elizabeth’s First Degree Reiki class was such a blessing. The first time I took the class, I was focused on learning and opening up to new healing techniques. Because I was already comfortable with the material, retaking the class allowed me to relax and experience a deep, inner healing process. In addition, as a reviewer, you get to be a model for her to demonstrate the hand positions, meaning that you get to receive a lot more Reiki!”

Sonja Enright