From 1991 through 2023 Reiki Master Elizabeth Valsala offered Reiki classes and treatments in the Albuquerque Metro Area to help people deal with the stress and trauma of daily life by giving them access to moments of unconditional love. Elizabeth provided Reiki for a wide variety of situations/conditions. She specialized in: stress relief, insomnia relief, pre- and post- surgical support, clear and peaceful end of life transitions.

During a Reiki treatment, you are fully clothed. Your practitioner’s hands rest for several minutes at designated positions on your head, upper chest, abdomen, back, and also specific areas in need. When your practitioner’s hands touch you, your system recognizes this fuel and distributes it where needed. This fuel is the energy that surrounds us in our daily lives. It is not the personal energy of your practitioner, but an endless supply of healing energy that can never be exhausted.

Anyone can do Reiki. Elizabeth offered a 15-hour class that provides you with a lifetime of Reiki in your own hands.

The Reiki Principles

Just for today, do not worry.
Just for today, do not anger.
Honor your parents, teachers and elders.
Earn your living honestly.
Show gratitude to every living thing.

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