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This is an introductory class of Reiki offered by the Continuing Education Department at the University of New Mexico. In this class you learn about Reiki healing, its history, levels of Reiki training and practical applications. You can receive a brief introductory Reiki treatment, have your questions answered, and develop a basis for deciding whether or not to pursue Reiki treatment or training.

Space for 15 participants.

Contact UNM Continuing Education at (505) 277-0077 to register. (Class ID: Course/Class Number: 06469)

NOTE: Check your registration receipt for UNM class location.

Fee: $40
Time: Saturday, October 19, 2019, 1:30-4:30 pm
Location: Location will be shown on your registration receipt.
NOTE: This class will be taught by Reiki Master Paula Terrero, because Elizabeth Valsala is on sabbatical 2019-2020.

Please speak with Elizabeth (505-299-0011) about requirements and recommendations for your class. (NOTE: If you are interested in a specific class, let Elizabeth know at least 3 days/72 hours before the first session of that class.)

This 15-hour Reiki training course includes four initiations (attunements), one per session. The four sessions are traditionally presented over four days. You practice Reiki healing on yourself and others. Small class size (2-4 students) allows for personal attention and time for practice and questions and answers. Upon completion of this Reiki course, it is expected that you will practice daily self-treatment for the rest of your life, and you may treat others, as well. After you complete this class, you are invited to participate again at no cost.

Students who complete the First Degree Reiki training are expected to practice a hands-on self-treatment daily for the rest of their life. This daily practice, which can take about 40 minutes, is usually done in bed. Many people do it first thing in the morning, prior to getting up for the day. Others do it when they get into bed at the end of their day.
As no two treatments are alike, the self-treatment experience may vary from day to day—or even from morning to night. Results may not be obvious until much later. Some results that could be more obvious are relief of stress, fatigue, pain or insomnia, or calming of the body, mind and emotions.
The self-treatment consists of placing one’s hands in a sequence of positions on the head, upper chest and abdomen, and additional positions where healing is desired, as time permits.
Any result of Reiki treatment is possible with self-treatment, whether mental, emotional, physical or spiritual.


Thursday 6:00-8:00 pm and Friday 6:00-9:00 pm, and Saturday and Sunday 1:00-6:00 pm. Please allow time for self-treatment homework, 3 evenings and 3 mornings. New students must have completed a 2-hour pre-class treatment appointment with Elizabeth.

Class fee for the First Degree Reiki class is $150. Pay with cash, check, or credit card. Add $11.82 NM tax (Total is $167 if paying by credit card).
For former students, there is no cost to review if you paid $150 or more when you took this class from Elizabeth previously.

After you’ve spent a considerable time practicing Reiki, you may feel drawn to take the Reiki II class, which gives you keys to distance healing, accessing greater velocity and focus in treatments, and specifically treating the subconscious mind. The training consists of three sessions: the first for developing ease in the drawing of Reiki symbols, the second for developing ease in the application of those Reiki symbols, the third for practicing the distance healing application.
Class sizes are usually from 1 to 4 students. Class meets for 3 sessions within 7 days. The first session is up to 2 hours long and the other 2 sessions are 3 hours each. Please contact Elizabeth before making this commitment.
FEE: Class fee for the second degree Reiki is $500. Pay with cash, check, or credit card. Add 7.875% NM tax (plus a fee if paying by credit card).

This is the final level of Reiki initiation (attunement) and training. Reiki Masters are empowered to initiate and teach students. It is recommended that one have practiced Reiki for several years before making the whole-life commitment to being a Reiki Master.